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Amazing Things You Should Know About

Good Morning Friends,

The world is constantly full of bad news. War, Pandemic, Poverty, Inequality the list could go on and on and on. There's so much pain and sadness that it can be hard to find the little bits of joy and excitement mixed in. That little bit is really the most important part because it is what keeps us motivated to continue "the work" and follow our passions and our dreams.

So this week I wanted to share two great things that have happened.

The first is huge for our local waters and directly impacts those of us who recreate in the sound, eat from the sound, or travel in its waters. Communities for a Healthy Bay has settled with Electron Hydro and its Owners. The lawsuit is over the dumping of artificial field turf into the Puyallup River. Yes, that's right. FIELD TURF, the rubber fake grass, and the plastic bits that are used on playfields and school tracks, tons of it. Dumped into the river.

There are still criminal charges and further lawsuits filed which CHB is also involved with but this is a huge first step into accountability and punitive action for harmful use of the waterways

Read more on the Communities for a Healthy Bay website and while you're there see how you can further support their efforts!

Further afield. MUCH further in fact. To Antarctica, Ernest Shackleton's ship "Endurance" has been found after more than 100 years below the sea ice. This is incredible for numerous reasons. First, the ship has been found INTACT and the pictures are beautiful. Also, they used some seriously advanced robotics to locate the ship. But maybe most importantly it's ANTARCTICA the place wasn't easy on Shackleton's crew and it hasn't changed much as far as temperament goes since. The crew of scientists, historians, and technicians faced much of the same climate hardships as the crew of the lost ship did. well below freezing temperatures, blizzards, crushing sea ice, and more. Those conditions make me appreciate my little desk here on the bus and my tiny wood stove.

Check out the pictures from the expedition here!

If you have cool water news you want to share drop it in the comments section for the rest of us!

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