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Celebrate Juneteenth and Support Black Mental Health with Big Bus Paddlesports

Hey Everyone

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Last year, we faced some challenges that almost knocked us out of the water. Literally. But guess what… we’re back and ready to make up for it!

This year, as we celebrate Juneteenth, we have an amazing opportunity to pay it forward. We’re partnering with Mike Ford, Founder of YOUniversal Fitness Studio to provide free paddleboarding classes to support the Black community's mental health. This is about more than just getting out on the water – it’s about creating a space for peace, connection, and healing.

Here’s where you come in: By sponsoring a paddler, you can give someone the chance to experience the beauty and serenity of Commencement Bay. For just $45, you can cover a two-hour intro to paddleboard class, including the board, leash, and lifejacket.

If you or your business would like to sponsor a class in honor of Juneteenth, please visit our website to sponsor a paddler!

My personal goal: I’m aiming to get at least five full classes sponsored – that’s 40 sponsorships. This will allow us open up FREE classes to Youniversal Fitness and provide access to those who might not have the resources to join us otherwise.

Reflecting on last year, it was tough not being able to provide this event to the community. Our early season bus issues were a major setback, and it broke my heart seeing those perfect weather days pass by. 

We’re excited to bring all that Radical Black Joy back to the Tacoma waterfront. Booking is available online for classes, rentals and tours. I’ll be running two classes a day on Saturdays and Sundays.

To our amazing community: Thank you for your continued support. Let’s make this Juneteenth one to remember.

See you on the water!

~ Doug

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