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Welcome to the Journal

This is the journal, your direct link to all things that we care about here at Big Bus Paddlesports.

We'll be posting at completely random times with absolutely no schedule. The only way to know we've posted something is to,

A) join the mailing list, seriously go ahead and do it. you probably already did it if you're reading this, so go tell your friends family, and pets!

B) obsessively track the website and social media. Honestly by all means do this too it helps us defeat the evil algorithm.

You can expect to see

-Paddleboarding News, although this is really the smallest segment

- long format writing and discussions centered around #Conservation, #Education, and #Community. We would be thrilled if you would constructively engage with us in the comments section. We stand on community so let's get to know each other.

- Postings about sales and discounts, honestly that's what you're all here for

- Events because it's time we finally get the party started in proper fashion LIGHT THE BARBEQUE!!!

- Behind the business the owner and the people who support this beautiful venture

- Answer to your most burning questions. Here's a freebie ready...


So to officially start the Journal here we go,

Who are We?

“We” is Me, Douglas Barclift, I own the bus and the BUSiness entirely. I don't know why I say "we". Rusty is the Dog, so he counts right? Follow his #premiumrustycontent for some quality Goldendoodle content.

What's the couch about?

The couch is about the community that supports this business, my family friends and all of YOU!

I have a huge team of supporters including my partner Sarah who is commonly on the bus, and my daughters Jasmine and Violet the #unpaidinterns.

Also, my mother is #grandmasharon. There's a cast of characters that can be found on the couch, helping with the morning weather, or cleaning boards.

This wide swath of gorgeous humans consists of farmers and scientists, gamers and oceanographers, conservationists and entrepreneurs, nurses and advocates.

The couch is open to all for conversation, community, and Catan. Grab a beer and stay awhile.

Why a bus?

This is best answered by going to for an interview I did with Dirtbag Dairies.

Got more questions drop it in the comments section!

Thanks for joining us on the Journal!

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